Programming is the literacy of the 21st century. SIGMake is a platform to share and provide resources to incorporate this essential skillset into your classroom!

As our world grows more and more centered around advances in technology, programming is becoming the literacy of the 21st century. Learning to program and code is becoming an essential skillset to ensure success for our students. How do we keep up with the every-changing culture of technology in the classroom? How can teachers implement programming in the classroom? SIGMake is great resources to stay in pace with these developments and learn practical ways to implement this new literacy in your classroom!

  • What it is: Coding applications are tools that teach students programming language in a fun and engaging way.
  • Application in the classroom:
    • Teaches students computer programming
    • Fun, creative and user-friendly sites to use
    • Computer Programming is an essential skill in the 21st Century classroom
  • Tools to use:

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Free website to encourage students in the field of computer science. It is was designed to encourage coding, especially within schools. They started the Hour of Code for schools to implement one hour of code to expose students to computer programming. This site offers basic, easy to follow, and free to use curriculum.



Scratch was developed by MIT as a free, online programming tool to create animations, games and stories. This site is one of the most popular among schools and students. It has a simple drag and drop puzzle format that makes it easy to use for students as young as 2nd Grade.


Code AcademyThis is a site with interactive courses that teaches you how to code through game-based learning. This site is great to use for secondary students due to it's reward system. Students receive badges as they progress through the course and they move up levels once a subject is mastered.

Khan AcademyKhan Academy is a video based learning platform developed and created by Salman Khan. This site features many videos taught by Khan on the basics of computer programming. This would be best suited for secondary levels.
CoderDojo is a global network of programming clubs that allows young people to share and learn from each other in their coding practice. Great for collaboration or an extracurricular club.